Saturday, October 24, 2015


Creepheaps are squamous beasts with weedy manes, gulping maws, and cyclopean visages. They leave clumps of seaweed on everything in their passing.

Creepheaps feed on the life forces of their victims, and those that perish at their touch arise as undead servants!

To ensure a steady supply of prey, creepheaps nest in sunken Ancient vessels near coastal communities and / or shipping lanes.

Attributes:  Agility d8Smarts d8Spirit d8Strength d10Vigor d10
Skills:  Fighting d8Intimidation d8Notice d6Stealth d8Swimming d10
Derived:  Pace 6Parry 6, Toughness 12 (3)
Special Abilities
  • Aquatic:  Pace 10.
  • Armor +3:  Slimy, scaly, and adapted to crushing pressures.
  • Depth-Vision:  Ignores penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Fear -2:  A creepheap's unspeakable visage triggers Fear checks at -2.
  • Savage, Stretchy Claws:  STR +d6, AP 1, Reach 3.
  • Sire:  Anyone slain by a creepheap rises within 1d10 minutes as a zombie thrall [as the Zombie power in Savage Worlds Deluxe, p. 119].  Yet unlike standard zombies, these creations are intelligent, capable of speech, and gain both Swimming d8 and Aquatic: Pace 8.
  • Size +2:  Creepheaps are 7' worth of elongated, fishy fury.

Inspired by The Scooby-Doo Show episode #20, "The Creepy Heap From The Deep" (1977).

And for the Mutant Future version, click here!

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