Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Franksgiving, by Justin S. Davis (Age 40; after Rockwell)

Have a blessedly blasphemous Franksgiving, from all of us at 
The Haunted Spookshow Of Channel X!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Blastsquatches are massive, luminous brutes that prowl warped forests and toxic swamps.  Their matted pelts reek of meat and musk and lust and death.

We're talking serious stank, y'all.

And given blastsquatches', um, "appetites" for attractive humans, if you lose a fight, pray they straight-up devour you...

...because there are far, far worse alternatives....

Attributes:  Agility d10Smarts d4Spirit d8Strength d12+2Vigor d12
Skills:  Climbing d12Fighting d12Intimidation d12Notice d10Persuasion d8Shooting d12Stealth d6, Swimming d8, Throwing d10, Tracking d10
Derived:  Pace 8Parry 8, Toughness 10
Special Abilities
  • Bite/Claws:  Blastsquatches possess jagged claws and teeth.  Str+d6.
  • Fear (-2):  Anyone encountering a blastsquatch must make a Fear check at -2.
  • Fearless:  Blastsquatches are immune to Fear and Intimidation
  • Immunity (Radiation):  Blastsquatches are immune to all forms of radiation and the effects thereof, and radiation-based attacks.
  • Nerve Damage:  +3 to recover from being Shaken, and feels no pain (for good, and ill).
  • Nuke-Vision:  Blastsquatches can see in all but complete darkness.
  • Nukular Fire:  Blastsquatches emit beams of radiation from their eyes using the Cone Template.  Every target may within the cone may make an Agility roll at -2 to avoid the attack; those who fail take 2d10+2 damage, and catch fire...and their ammo may ignite for additional havoc....
  • Nukular Flash:  Blastsquatches can amplify their natural luminescence to a blinding degree using the Large Burst Template.  Effects as Blind [p. 109 of Savage Worlds Deluxe].
  • Size +2:  Blastsquatches stand over 10' tall.

For the Mutant Future version, visit our affiliate, A Field Guide To Doomsday!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Monster 500 Races On!

We here at The Haunted Spookshow Of Channel X adore us some motorized monster action, and we happily inform our viewers that the most scaredevil group of ghastly drivers to ever wail their wheels now has its own website!

It's got the skinny behind the Monster 500 race itself, as revealed by a super-secret promo card given out at Halloween (which we own, natch)!

Racer bios, taken straight from the cards included with each toy!

Secret previews of upcoming 2014 releases!

Just click it.  Seriously.

Monster 500 diecast cars and playsets...available only at a Toys R Us near you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


With the number of mummies toolin' around after The Thunderkiss, you'd think the Egyptians settled Murica way back when.  

Though you're probably not fortunate enough to be one of those highfalutin priest-kings that lumbered from the trashed museums; naw, you're most likely from some jungle hell down Messico way, or a gator-infested Tex-Arcanan bog.  Hell, you could just be a zombie with delusions of grandeur, and more toilet paper than sense.

No matter.  You're hard-bitten and street-smart, and your moxie (barely) compensates for being grimy, grubby, and gangrenous.  You've got nothing but time, and the world is as wide open as your tomb.

Hard-Luck Mummy  (New Playable Race)
Free Ability:  Undead (as Construct:  +2 to recover from being Shaken; no additional damage from Called Shots; never suffer from Wound Modifiers / Penalties; immune to disease and poison)
+3 Abilities:  Tough As Leather...Literally (start with Vigor d8)
+2 Abilities:  Undead (+1 Toughness)
-2 Ability:  Down-'N-Out (as Bad Luck), Desiccated (+4 Damage from fire-based attacks)
-1 Abilities:  Shamblin' (Wo)Man (Pace 5)