Thursday, October 2, 2014


Shaking her chains all night long, Go-Go Gwendolyne is the grooviest spook to ever shimmy a cemetery!  Gwendie's lithe and lovely and the unliving end, and has suitors lined up around the graveyard (but she's got a thing for the monsters mamas warn about, so you nice fellas will probably get your hearts broken).

Go-Go loves turning heads, and is quite the clotheshaunt.  She keeps a cryptful of the moddest outfits and ginchiest gear.  But don't dare think she's shallow, as there's a keen bean behind those fluttering lashes and melodious giggles.  SCIENCE! was Gwendie's bag, baby, before her untimely demise, and she's still got the geeky goods.

Unlike most—well, hell, all—restless specters on Planet Motherfucker, Go-Go Gwendie is amazingly well-adjusted, and loves helping those in need.  Look her up if you're down Tombsville way!

Gwendolyne, The Go-Go Ghost
Race:  Phantom [p. 10 of Savage Worlds Horror Companion]
Attributes:  Agility d8Smarts d8Spirit d6Strength d4Vigor d6
Skills:  Fighting d4Investigation d6Knowledge (SCIENCE!) d8Notice d6, Persuasion d8, Stealth d6, Throwing d4
Derived:  Charisma 2Pace 6Parry 4, Toughness 5
Hindrances:  Curious, Quirk (Bad Taste In Boyfriends), Victim
Edges:  Attractive
Racial Abilities:  as Phantom
Gear:   Weaponized Tambourine (as Club, Str +d4), Designer Purse (as Backpack), Chemistry Set (as Toolkit), Fab FashionsMicroscope (as Camera), $45 in trade goods (toilet paper and beer)