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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The Nazis merged twisted science with sinister hoodoo (as they were wont to do) to create the Totenkorps, relentless trooper-ghouls utterly impervious to hostile climes.  The marine branch was designed to traverse the depths in permanently-submerged submarines, and they were a particularly nasty lot...for in life, they were hoodlums, thugs, sadists, and pathological murderers.  Undeath just amplified the creatures' innate desires for violence, making them erratic, unpredictable, and uncontrollable...and their horrified masters ultimately turned on them, sinking their vessels and entombing them beneath the waves for eternity.

Well, that is until The Thunderkiss disgorged them like so much hot beer and bad oysters....

Aqua-Nazis usually target beachgoers and boaters, yet often venture inland to inflict mayhem.  They are intelligent (using tools, hunting in packs, and utilizing terrain to maximum benefit), but the grim, mute, reeking maniacs can't be reasoned with.

Attributes:  Agility d4Smarts d6Spirit d6Strength d8Vigor d8
Skills:  Fighting d8, Notice d6Stealth d4 / d8, Swimming d8
Derived:  Pace 4Parry 6, Toughness 9
Special Abilities
  • Aquatic:  Aqua-Nazis trudge across ocean floors and riverbeds at Pace 4, but bewilderingly cruise at Pace 8 when ambushing swimmers and boats from below.
  • Deep-Sea Predator:  Aqua-Nazis make little attempt to hide themselves on land (Stealth d4), but are practically invisible (d8) when submerged.
  • Dead Inside (And Out):  Aqua-Nazis are immune to Fear and Intimidation.
  • Drown:  Submerged aqua-Nazis erupt from the waves, grappling victims and dragging them under.   When terrestrial, they brutalize targets with their fists before hauling them to nearest body of liquid (including fountains, aquariums, etc) for doom-drenching.  Each round the grapple is maintained, the victim must make a Vigor roll at -2 or suffer a level of Fatigue; drowning occurs upon Death.
  • Super-Soldier:  Toughness +1
  • Undead:  +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; no additional damage from Called Shots; immune to disease and poison
  • Weakness:  Upon having its goggles removed, an aqua-Nazi is rendered blind, and flails in agony (letting go of any grappled victims) for 3 rounds.  Unless able to restore the goggles, it falls over dead —truly dead—on the 4th round.

Friday, January 17, 2014


The sordid cesspool that is Planet Motherfucker done you ugly (what with the exploitation and smarm and incessant monster abductions), so it's payback time.  You and your elite sisterhood fight fire with firepower, and deliver retribution in a savage whirlwind of shell casings and gunpowder. You take smug satisfaction in blowing wandering eyes right out of their skulls, proving time and again that the female of the species is a deader shot than the male.

Ammozon  (New Playable Race)
Free Ability:  Protective Bikini / Haltertop / Hotpants (start with Armor +2)
+2 Ability:  Faster, Pussycat! (start with Agility d6)
+1 Abilities:  Kill! Kill! (start with Shooting d6), I Will Survive (start with Survival d6)
-2 Abilities:  Better Than Any Man (as Arrogant (Major)), Welcome To Violence! (Parry -1)

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (The Cramps, 1990)